pyIsis: a python wrapper for Avid Isis Management Console

For my own needs, I looked for a way to retrieve a list of Workspaces from an Avid Isis 5000.

The first and easy solution was to create « Snapshot » from the Avid Isis Management Console web page. This snaphot is accessible from an url without authentication. The first problem with this solution is that it needs a human intervention and the second problem is if you need to be in sync the all the workspaces, you need to regenerate the « snapshot »…

Install Avid ISIS Client 4.7.3 on Linux Centos 6.6

Hello, this is my first blog post so be kind :-)

If you are running an Avid Isis 5000, 5500 or 7000, perhaps you need to install a linux machine to access Isis Workspace for backup or archive purpose. So today, we are going to install a client ISIS client 4.7.3 on a Linux Centos 6.6.

First, we need to download a iso image of the distribution. You can find mirrors from centos web site. …