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pyIsis: a python wrapper for Avid Isis Management Console

26 janvier 2015 - Posted in avid , isis Posted by:

For my own needs, I looked for a way to retrieve a list of Workspaces from an Avid Isis 5000.

The first and easy solution was to create « Snapshot » from the Avid Isis Management Console web page. This snaphot is accessible from an url without authentication. The first problem with this solution is that it needs a human intervention and the second problem is if you need to be in sync the all the workspaces, you need to regenerate the « snapshot » every time you create or delete a workspace.

The second solution I found was to track dialogs between browser and Avid Isis Management Console. With the help of firefox and developper tools, it was quite easy to understand the commands that firefox send when you click on something in the web interface.

I end up with a python module that try to mimic what you can do with Avid Isis Management Console but from the command line. You can get it from my github page and try yourself…

To install it:

git clone
cd pyIsis
pip install -r requirements.txt
python install

To get the list of all workspaces, it easy as:

from pyIsis import Client
conn = Client(hostname='serverip',

workspaces = conn.get_workspaces()
for workspace in workspaces:
    print workspace.ioName

That’s it… try at your own risk !

No. I need to intensively test « user », « group » and « workspace » creation and deletion. And I don’t have implement permissions modification for now.

If you’re a python coder and you’ve access to an Isis, please help me to improve my pyIsis module.

Thank you.


Adam 6 ans ago

Hi I have access to an ISIS in a development environment. Please contact me if you’d like help testing.

Jamie 5 ans ago

Great module, I use this daily on 20+ Isis hosts. Incredibly helpful for keeping tabs on all of them. Thanks predat!